My Blogging Resolution

At work, I am actually very caught up. After being here for just a little over a year, I am finally feeling like I’m mastering my work. That means that I have a little more time on my hands. And you know what I have been doing poorly at? Blogging! I can count on my two hands how many blog posts I’ve done this year…and last year. I got to step this up. So, my resolve? Since I have more free time at work (of course, I’ll only do this during my 15 minute breaks!), I will use that time to be more productive and finally catch up on letting y’all…get to know me again, because…

I sometimes don’t really know me now. I’m just busy or tired or both. Blogging always helped me sort out my feelings, but whether it’s just work, church, family life, etc., I just haven’t been writing these things down…and I should! My memory is not as it used to be, and it never was very good to begin with. So, in dedication to my three year anniversary (it’s just conveniently falling on this day), I am resolving to do 50 entries…this year. I did it before, and I loved it. I want to remember who I am when I look back on these entries. Help me love this again.

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