Relationships are hard

I’ve always been bad at keeping up with relationships. Even though I do see some friends when I go to LA, it’s usually the same 3 people, but I don’t talk to them before or after, so our conversations may be a little more like catching up, but not as deep. And even though I have some relationships in the Bay Area that are considered closer, we can drift apart pretty quickly. I think the only “closer” relationships I have are with my roommates, but that is also probably cuz we LIVE together and they have to see us. If they lived somewhere else, not sure how often we would hang out. At least we sometimes have dinner or watch a movie together.

I think I am content with this though…I don’t think all relationships will last. Maybe I’m jaded since I left LA and all my friends when marriage happened? And friends that I make sometimes leave for jobs or move out of state? And just…we just sometimes drift apart because we don’t make as much of an effort to be part of each other’s lives. I guess this is just something that you have to accept as part of life. Things just go on, work goes on, senseless killings happen, wildfires burn down everything you own (there are fires in SoCal and NorCal right now). I think I’m just in a stage in which I am just cruising through…I know it’s just a phase…hopefully, I can enjoy the holiday season with a happier outlook…holidays should bring our relationships with other together.

The Ford is finally dying…woohoo!

Anson’s Ford Taurus does not like me…I’ve been locked out at least twice, since he’s parked outside and I go to work early, his windshields are frozen over when it is the winter season, it took me forever to get his gas cap off (three other people filled up at the station before I was done), his light switch broke on me…when it was at night, and he leaks…everywhere! So since yesterday was when he got smokey when hubby brought him back to the gym, I think the hubby has had enough of fixing our 1990 car.

I feel like this should probably have happened sooner. Of course, we aren’t going to buy a new car. We’re too cheap for that, and Anson doesn’t like all the electronics in newer cars since they can get complicated when trying to fix up. We’ve been looking online and even subscribed to Consumer Reports for the month. A 10 year old Toyota Corolla sells for around $5k-$6k. We’ll be looking at the dealerships this Saturday, so hopefully we’ll be able take care of this as soon as possible. I don’t really understand about getting it insured and title and the dmv process…our parents gave us our cars, so this’ll be a new experience for the both of us.