Thanksgiving, COVID, and holiday cheer!

Like every year, we went down to LA on Thanksgiving day Thursday to avoid traffic that is normally on Wednesday night. Traffic was light and we got to my parents’ place a little after lunch. My mom and I went to Sam Woo BBQ to get our customary chicken and duck (waited 40 mins in line), and at night, we drove them to the Wongs’ house and had both sets of parents there for the first time since at least 2018. The rest of our visit was comprised of going to the Huntington Library, Botanical Gardens, and Art Museum twice; once with my mom and once with Cindy, going to CCAC for church service and getting an impromptu tour of their new and improved A/V control room, eating lunch at The Galleria with Gina and Weber, and hanging out and catching up with Crescentia at a local Starbucks.

When we started coming back on Monday (avoid the bad traffic on Sunday), we started to feel a little congested/coughing/sore throat…I felt like I probably had a sore throat maybe a day or two before too, but when in the car, it started to hit much harder. On Tuesday, we tested negative, and we never had any really severe symptoms, so we thought we had a cold the whole time. We still knew that we shouldn’t be around people, so had to cancel on worship team, Family Fellowship, and choir practice/porridge pop-up (which me and Jean were supposed to be heading up). 

The weird thing was…we didn’t seem to be getting better, so we just thought we should test on more time the following Monday…and tested positive for COVID. This was kind of a shock to us since we didn’t have a fever or loss of taste/smell, etc. Since we did an antigen test, we wanted to make sure, so we did a PCR test on Friday which confirmed our results. It was only on the following Wednesday that I finally tested negative…hooray! I needed to go into work on Thursday to do a small check run and get the mail…and go to Great America to get turkey breast w/ stuffing and pot roast w/ mashed potatoes…hey, I had been cooped up at home for almost 3 weeks…thankful for my company that let me WFH (and also for COVID sick time).

Anson was finally feeling better by Friday…so…we were able to go to Pure’s holiday party! It was located at a sports complex called The Plex in San Jose, which took us 35 mins to get there because of rush hour traffic. They had free buffet dinner consisting of a charcuterie board and all ingredients for various burgers and tacos, free drinks on tap or made to order from a bartender, all you can play arcade games, and roller skating (I liked this a little better than ice staking since I don’t have to curve my feet inwards and it isn’t cold). Like ice skating though, I’m super bad at it and it’s like I’m learning for the first time every time…but I promised Anson that I’d do it…I’m glad we went as the holidays are always a great time for fun and celebration. 

We’ll probably do a zoom dinner with Anson’s parents and my parents at some point since we won’t be going down for Christmas, Aaron’s family might come up for the week to stay at our place, making Anson go to Gen on one of our holiday days off, and of course, Winterfest at Great America (cuz hubby got free annual passes from Blue Board…such a good worker)!