Christmas Choir 2019

Wow, it’s been a year since I blogged…so bad of me 🙂

…but I had to write an entry about a monumental event…we finally after 8 years of attending RBF had a Christmas Choir!!! Stacy Wood was our conductor and she has the skills! Vera was our pianist and she did a phenomenal job…she only had 1 week to learn a complicated song called “O Joyous Christmas”. It was a compilation of Christmas hymns “O Come All Ye Faithful”, “Angels We Have Heard on High”, and “Joy to the World”. A smaller group of us also did an acapella version of “Silent Night”. Anson didn’t really want to do this in the beginning, but I think he had a good time. Props to Jonathon Wood for using garageband to input all our parts so that could practice the songs on our own. We performed the songs at the Christmas Party on Sunday, December 15. I stood beside Vivian and Jennifer. It was fun to feel the camaraderie of learning the parts together and singing as one with four part harmony. It’s been a while and I’m really glad that it happened…hopefully, this isn’t a one time thing for our church 🙂