funemployed…and now employed =)

so, three months have past…what have i been doing? here are the highlights:

september: i went down to LA for two weeks. it was initially suppose to just be for a weekend, but since i didn’t have to work, i extended it. my parents wanted me to plan a vacation. i had all these big plans of going to san diego and using a 3 park pass, but it seemed like too much walking, and we decided to do the easiest thing that we enjoy…another cruise! booked a last minute cruise on carnival to catalina and ensenada. some cool things we did were 1) renting a golf cart at catalina and exploring the area with very photogenic views. driving a golf cart is not that  hard, but the break felt hard to use and i needed to step on it pretty hard for it to just slow down. 2) in ensenada, we used a bus to get to the tourist-y part of downtown and we bought 2 plates that painted beautifully by a mother and son. we were able to have our names and the date painted on to it as a nice memoir. 3) as always, the food is always great on a cruise: snails, soups, lobster tail…can’t complain =)

october: i found a job…yeah, i know, that was pretty quick. it’s only a contract job up to march and the environment is a little depressing, but i’m still very thankful for God’s provision. the contract is from beginning of december to march to fill in for someone on maternity leave. i am doing payroll and accounts payable. i’ve never done payroll before, so this has definitely been an eye opener. i’m working at Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center. it is a nursing facility. i have to go to a meeting every morning at 9am. i do payroll for 200 employees, and the hours are so weird. there are AM, PM, and night shifts. i’m also doing accounts payable on dynamics (glad i had the experience at NTS). i was only training during this time 2 days a week, and it was definitely not enough time since there is so much to learn…glad that in november, i started full time training…

november: jenifer actually had to leave a week  sooner since her due date was pushed earlier and i started fulltime this week (thanksgiving week). i feel pretty overwhelmed with just the amount of work that is required of this position, and the company also does not allow for overtime which gives me more pressure. no matter though, i’m glad that i have to jump into the deep end and learn how to problem solve and learn more so that it can benefit me for the future. this month, i also switched bookclubs from deb’s to janette’s. i feel pretty comfortable with cindy and christine there and i think it’ll help me grow more with fellowship =) we’ve also been hanging out a couple times with nathan and andrea. i think we’re feeling more comfortable with some people at church. today is the day after thanksgiving. we drove down yesterday and 5:30am and got to my parents’ place at 10:30am. we’ll be doing the same thing on sunday since i have to work that day (payroll is monday, and i need the time to get it done).

it’s the holiday season. so much to be thankful for. we had a pre-thankgiving dinner with rbf on tuesday. we had a potluck which i made green beans and edemame…they were good veggie hits! we had worship interspersed with sharing of thanksgiving. it was a good reminder of God’s faithfulness and all the things He gives to us are good: the blessings and the trials. work is my trial right now, and i thank God for giving it to me. thank you for giving me a family that loves me, for my loving husband, for friends, for the roof over my head, for our apartment, for our cars, clothing, etc. Happy Thanksgiving, and soon to be Merry Chrstimas!