Christmas Holiday 2018

Saturday, 12/22/18: We flew down one last time using the Companion Pass (bogo flights) at 9:35am-10:30am. My dad picked us up, we got groceries from 99 ranch, and we went to the house. Uncle Daniel was there taking some of my dad’s tools in the garage (they’ve officially sold the house!). He brought my dad to the condo. In the afternoon, we walked to Aaron and Lauren’s from Sprouts (I got hangry). They’re now back in the valley for Lauren’s new job. Claire is getting big now. She can walk! Aaron brought us back to Sprouts, we bought groceries and made dinner at home (tofu, salmon, etc)

Sunday, 12/23/18: We went to New Life Church this time. They had an all ladies Christmas Choir. We then went to Galleria and had lunch with Gina and Cindy. Anson had poke and I had a spare rib soup (it was okay…tough meat, but liked the clear soup. Raymond and David Wei came to the house in the afternoon and we went around Balboa park twice, then went for boba and Bounce Boba Loft (I got some sort of milk froth custard drink…ehh). We then had dinner with my parents (egg/tofu, pompeo fish, duck)

Monday, 12/24/18: I walked with my mom one last time around the neighborhood…it’s so weird to think that the house is no longer ours. Marc, our real estate agent, came over at 1pm and they signed the final paperwork, and all the money was in their account when they checked (woohoo! i like money!). My mom and I then went to 99 Ranch to get asian pears and to Sam Woo for a chicken and a duck. We filled up the car with more stuff (junk!), and all went to the Wong house in Northridge and had our annual Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner, we headed to the condo and dropped off their things before heading back home for one….last…night ;(

Tuesday, 12/25/18: Merry Christmas! We went to Griffith Observatory (closed on Christmas) in order to park there and hike to Bronson Caves (where they filmed the 60s Batman TV show). We helped my parents with some of their finances, cancelling internet, etc, but many companies were not open because of the holiday. At least Anson was able to uninstall some spyware on their computer. Raymond and David Wei came over again in order to look at an antique-ish rifle that my dad got from kmart for much cheaper 30 years ago. Raymond was happy 😉 he also took some things from my dad’s garage as did Anson (guess it’s a guy thing). We had our last dinner at the house (leftovers from Christmas eve dinner), and my parents brought us to the airport. It was a bittersweet time. I will miss the house that I lived in for 26 years of my life. You will not be forgotten. You have served my parents well 🙂