Happy 30th!

Alrighty…fulfill your vow! Blog time!

I just turned 30 on 5/25/15…did I do anything fun? Ehh, I went to work J Whaaa? Why? That day is Memorial Day. Isn’t it a holiday? Yep. I still wanted to go in order to finish up some stuff. For dinner, we went to Little Sheep right when it opened at 5:30. Glad we went then cuz by the time we left, there was a pretty long line. I just ordered whatever looked good, and we definitely paid for it 😉 While and after dinner, we watched game 4 of the Warriors vs Rockets in the Conference Finals. Too bad Warriors lost, but the good thing was the Steph Curry was still okay after a nasty fall he had in the second quarter. And it was good that they came back to Oakland for Game 5 in order to win and celebrate at home on Wednesday. After the game, Aaron and Lauren called to wish me a happy bday and Christine surprised me and came over and brought me a scarf and homemade green tea and butter red bean macaroons. One of her finest works! She helped make my day!

So…what do I think about turning 30? Ehh, it isn’t that big a deal. 20’s are young peoples. 30…sounds more sophisticated, but really, age is just a number. Seems like the years just keep going by. I should really try to cherish the time more. Wishing for another 30…plus 30 more years!!!