Portland, Bro-in-law, Daddy, and Roomie

A few things have happened the last few weeks. Last, last weekend (Friday, May 29 to Monday, June 10, 2015), Anson and I went up to Portland for a mini vacation. I had planned this before my parents wanted to go to Hawaii. We used our weekend pretty well. It was actually hotter than expected and only rained on the last day (which we mostly avoided). In a nut shell, on Friday, Jo-Ann brought us to SJ Airport, the flight was about 1 ½ hours, we hiked Forest Park, ate lunch at The Waffle Window, went to Costco for salads, and checked in to the hotel. On Saturday, we did a free 2 hour walking tour: Secrets of Portlandia, ate at some local food carts, explored Powell’s City of Books, drank coffee at Public Domain, explored the International Rose Test Garden, ate dinner at Nicolas Restaurant, and watched the Starlight Parade at the hotel. On Sunday, we hiked Wakeenah Falls and Multnomah Falls…and then went to the gym at the hotel. On Monday, we checked out of the hotel, ate lunch at Shut up and Eat, bought Voodoo Donuts for people back home, explored The Grotto (La Pieta), and flew back home on Southwest where Christine picked us up.

Aaron is now engaged to Lauren. They’ve been dating for a year more or less. I guess it is going well, but I don’t really know her that well. I hope that they’re job situation is good since they both work at the same company. That just makes it scary if their workplace ever doesn’t do well. I think they work to produce a cancer drug, but it has yet to be approved by the FDA. They’ll be getting married at the end of the year on 12/19, so we’ll be coming down that weekend since we’ll probably help out at the wedding.

My dad has been getting older. Last week, someone went into his computer, so he wanted to buy a software from Microsoft to clean it up. That night, he totally forgot about this. He had told my mom and me in different conversations, but he acted like nothing ever happened, and that he didn’t buy the software. We were pretty freaked out at that. They prayed about it, and the next morning, he was starting to have some recollection of it. It makes me a little sad that my dad might be losing his memory, but I guess that is just what happens as we age. I might be like that when I’m older since I sometimes forget things that I was about to do.

Our roommate, Jo-Ann, who has been with us the longest (since last September…so nine-ten months!) just received two job offers! I’m so happy for her since it has been maybe a few months of searching. She will either work in the Mountain View school district or a staffing agency (?) for schools up in the East bay. She has by tomorrow to decide, so she’ll have a lot of research to do tonight. I’m biased and hope that she’ll take the MV job since then, she’ll stay with us. She has been a really nice roommate and friend for the time that we have known her. However, I know that East Bay is where her church and friends are and it’ll be less of a drive to go hang out with them (she’ll have to move if she takes the East Bay job), but it is her decision, and I’m just happy that God has been able to answer her prayers. Woohoo!