By-by-by-byeeee Corolla

For the July 4th weekend, Anson and I took both cars down. Wait, which cars? The Honda Civic and my Toyota Corolla. What are you talking about? What Honda Civic? In April, we went down for Anson’s GRIT event. My parents gave me their 2012 Honda Civic since they are downsizing to one car. They have shown love to us in many ways…we have received two cars from them: one at the beginning of our marriage and another now. Anyways, we were going to donate my old Toyota Corolla since it is 20 years old and needs a new catalytic converter and won’t pass smog check until it is replaced, but Aaron said that he actually wants it for his in-laws. So that is why we are driving both cars down to give them my-my-my-myyyy Corolla!

I left around 8:15 a.m. and met up with the husband at Harris Ranch. I am glad that I got a Starbucks coffee with my expiring Stars for free to help me stay awake for the 2nd half. We stayed at the Wongs’ house on Saturday and Sunday. Auntie Esther mom and Uncle Ken dad always make so much food. They made rice noodles, salad, and salmon for dinner. 

On Sunday, I went to CCAC and met up with Cindy Au and Gina to catch up. Cindy was my former discipler many years ago, and it was nice to see what has been happening in her life. The biggest thing is her trying to start up a mentoring program at the church. Anson went to Shepherd Church to watch Crescentia sing in the Risen choir. We then went to California Fish Grill for lunch where we met up with Gina, Weber, Cindy To, and Crescentia. Food is so expensive now. Entrees now are normally $16+ now.

We went to my parents place in San Gabriel for lunch on Monday. Auntie Esther mom gave us leftover noodles, salmon, and 2 tilapia. My mom always appreciates it because she doesn’t like to cook. For dinner, we went to our usual Kami Buffet. Anson helped my mom with a bunch of computer stuff as usual too. 

On tuesday, I went with my mom to do Chinese exercises in the park. They had stopped that when covid hit, but started up again a couple months ago. I’m glad that my mom is able to do this again everyday. I was the youngest person in the class:-) the day was kind of a blur since I don’t always know what to do with my parents. It’s kind of amalgamation of making them food with whatever is in their pantry and refrigerator and doing dishes and helping them with technology, but after dinner, we did see a fireworks show at 9pm. Their area is pretty popular and there were probably at least 3 different shows going on at the same time that we could see from our vantage point.

As they get older, I’m not really sure what kind of activities to do with them. In september, I am going to have to spend a whole week with my dad since my mom is going on a cruise to be their photographer/videographer for a mission’s conference. I haven’t lived with my dad for over 11 years, so I wonder how I am going to relate with him. I usually talk to my mom when we come down and my dad is usually just in the background. I need to learn how to love him better, so maybe this is actually a good thing in disguise.

On Wednesday, I did Chinese exercises with my mom again at the park, and then made potatoes and eggs for breakfast. We said our goodbyes and made a stop at the Wong’s house to pick up food. Anson being the resident IT specialist helped his dad with some computer stuff while we all ate an informal lunch, and then we headed off back home, arriving at 7:00 p.m. We weren’t able to see Aaron and his family this time around, but Aaron did call Anson multiple times about my, scratch that, their Corolla now. Aaron had gone to the DMV in order to register the car, but they wouldn’t let him until a smog check was done. He got the catalytic converter fixed, smog check passed, registered the car, and got insurance for it after getting it inspected. All in all, it was less than $1,000. I’m glad that he was able to sort it out in a few days time even though there were a few more hoops to jump through then we thought.

I am not that sentimental about this car, but I have had it since working at NTS, and for my whole marriage up to this point. It has been a reliable and consistent part of my life. Even though the top was shedding, I liked it so that it would deter thieves from ever stealing it. It is a little loud, but it has never broken down in my time in the Bay Area. It has treated me well, and I hope that it’s new owners will be able to have good memories with it too.