check out my bling!

since mid july, i have been using a fitbit charge hr. the device is worn like a watch. it show the time, steps taken a day, miles walked, heart rate, calories burned, flights of stairs, and alarms. there is also an app you can download on your phone/ipad that can track your food intake, your workouts and how effective they are, monitor your sleep, and tells you when you need to charge your fitbit’s battery. all in all, it’s amazzzzing!

i have been trying to set a goal for myself of 10,000 steps per day which roughly translates to 5 miles a day. if i do this for one month, anson will take me up to sf and we’ll get to go to the exploratorium! we’ll probably also splurge on a nice dinner since we’re saving $30/person since we’ll be using james and char’s free museum tickets 🙂 hope to set a goal every month, but the prize doesn’t always have to be going somewhere grand. sometimes, it can be a weekend trip, but others, maybe just a day thing in san jose. anyways, it’s been working for the last 3 weeks. keep it up, pris!

i…got…a smartphone!

after 11 years of using a pay as you go, take way too long to compose a simple text, no data dumb phone, on saturday, august 18th, and 10am, i finally called it quits and got a smartphone! metropcs has been having a promotion. anson’s old plan was $40/month unlimited talk, text, and data. however, they’ve now changed it to $30/month, and if you add a line, it is $25/month each!

we went to a metropcs store right when they opened. i’m glad since there was already a line of people. after talking a little to the representative, i settled on the samsung core prime. it’s a white phone (yikes!) and looks so sleeeek. i didn’t know that all your google contacts with their emails and numbers can just transfer over to your phone (i know, i’m a noob). i spent about an hour updating my contacts.

i didn’t buy a cover at the store since they always grossly overchage ($30???). i got a silver case on ebay that comes with a screen protector and stylist for less than $7. in the mean time, i just put the phone in a ziploc bag in order to protect it 🙂 we will be going back to the store this morning in order to change the number to my old number (i didn’t know my account and pin number from my old phone…the account number was just my phone number and the pin was my usual security number). happy times!

i think i’m one of the last peoples to finally switch to having a smartphone. what do i think? i like it that i can finally participate in line messages not just when i’m at phone, but at real time. i won’t miss people’s app messages that have important info on it. i’ll have a gps, music player, calculator, easy texting, unlimited calling…all on one device. yes, battery life is less than 2 days. getting another charger to put at work, but so far, 5 stars!!!