Get it together!

I’m in a funk. I think I’ve been in a funk for a while now…I mean, yes, I always knew that I like mindless entertainment, and it is okay in small doses…but I don’t know what else I do with my time that is productive when it is not cooking, cleaning, or working out with Anson. I’m able to get organized at work, but that’s cuz I’m being paid for this. When it comes to book club stuff, I kinda wait till the last minute to finish it. I accumulate all my scrap book stuff in a compartment in the closet, but it just keeps building up. I haven’t used my desktop computer regularly since we’ve moved (partly cuz it couldn’t connect to the WIFI and the printer went wonky when Ubuntu was upgraded), but that also dissuaded me to blog more since it’s harder to blog on the iPad. Okay…problems written out…resolution time!

  1. Computer is back online. I’ll try to use it more in blogging. It’ll also conserve the battery life of my iPad. And since I’ll be in the room, it’ll give Anson some space for some alone time.
  2. Regularly update my scrapbook/blog (look at it once a month. I’ve already set up as a recurring thing on my google calendar…jia yo!)
  3. Learn a new skill? I’m iffy about this one…I hate languages, and I’m already getting stumped on the 2nd lesson in German ;/ maybe take a class at the Santa Clara Adult Education Center? I downloaded the Coursera app (what Uncle Kenway uses to learn new things), but the classes just sound so dry…) Write a short story? It’s so hard for me to even blog…that just sound improbable…there are many things I can learn. I think I need to keep my options open.
  4. Of course, be better at devotions and prayer. I only get as much as I try to put into it. Develop my relationships with my book club members. Hang out with them. Be better at sending out the prayer requests. Sing worship songs and play guitar/piano more. Prepare in the study more….even though it is hard to understand!
  5. Help in researching some household projects that we’ve been meaning to get to: new dual pane windows in our room, new driveway so that people don’t scrape their cars using it, new backyard that will be less maintenance.
  6. Just bought a FitBit. I’ll see how it is, but a goal most people set is to do 10,000 steps per day…not sure how much I do now, but I think it’ll make me more aware of how my health and fitness is day in and day out.

Maybe if I set up these kinds of goals, Anson would be more willing to go out with me at other times. My goal should be to be able to go to the Exploratorium if I get my blog organized, do my bookclub stuff regularly, report my research on windows, and do 10k steps for two weeks…fine, maybe a month. I’ll refine that, but this is a good start! Thanks for letting me organize my thoughts, blog! You really are a big help!