Renters at Casa de Wong

We’ve been renting out our 2 other bedrooms since May of 2014 (bought house in Jan 2014). We include, all utilities, wifi, paper towels, toilet paper, dishwashing/laundry detergent, and hand soap. We’ve mostly been renting out to friends of friends from church, but we are now branching out to people on Craigslist…of course, must interview them to make sure it’ll be a good fit. Seems like our pricing is still very competitive even though we are increasing the rent, since we had seven inquiries within a few hours. Had to adjust the post though since our other renter is more comfortable with another female in the house instead of male. Newest renter moving in tomorrow! Hope it’ll be a good experience!

May 18 – Aug 9
Law student, internship at Yahoo…free meals!
$400/month in smaller room since need to pay for double housing at Davis

May 18 – May 31
Law grad, lawyer working in Oakland, 2 hour commute, moved out in two weeks
$750/month for bigger room, very clean, actually irons

July 30 – Jan 15
Acquaintance of Janette, works at Boston Scientific, now attends RBF
$750 for bigger room, moved to smaller room after Sarah moved out in Aug-14 for $600/month

Aug 31 – Present
Friend of Christine O., Speech Therapist, church in Hayward, currently looking for jobs in schools
$750 for bigger room, moved to smaller room after Stephanie moved out in Jan-15 for $600/month

April 28 – Present
Found on Craigslist…within almost 24 hours, commutes to SF for work, likes board games, anime
$800 for bigger room

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