Wong Family Highlights of 2014

1. Officially closed escrow on 1/8/14 and moving in to our new house in Santa Clara on 1/18/14.
2. Since having a house, being able to host meals and/or let friends/family from SoCal stay over. Also, being blessed with good people at varying times renting out our two open rooms.
3. Priscilla growing closer to sisters-in-Christ in my bookclub: from our book studies to facemasks to cookie exchanges to bearing our hearts with one another and encouraging each other to follow God’s Word.
4. Anson completing physically challenging events, Bike MS and Tough Mudder…and surviving.
5. Short trips to Napa (twice), Half Moon Bay (ditto), Santa Cruz, and LA (4 times). Anticipation for trips to LA, Monterey, Portland, and Hawaii next year!
6. Priscilla appreciating the work experience as a Payroll Coordinator at Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center, and God’s grace for providing a better working environment all around at Bill Wilson Center.
7. Both Anson and Priscilla getting raises at their companies and Priscilla being promoted to Accountant 1 after only 6 months.
8. Serving in various ministries: small groups, worship team, and welcome team.
9. God watching over the lives of Anson’s brother and uncle in their recoveries from serious illnesses/accidents.
10. As for a baby…no, not yet. Maybe check with us in a few years =)

christmas 2014

as customary, anson and i went down to LA for the Christmas holiday. we left early morning on 12/25, thursday and came back monday morning since i still had to work. it was short, but a good time of being with family and friends

on thursday night, the pang and wong families ate dinner at the wong house. my parents bought a duck, chow mein and made some veggies, and the wongs weren’t supposed to make food, but auntie esther mom ended up making soup, two fish dishes, and baked egg rolls. aaron made curry corners (not sure the English name). lauren (aaron’s gf) did not make it since she was traveling with friends. we first suggested that we eat out for dinner, but uncle ken dad had surgery recently, and we didn’t want to put too much strain on his body.

on friday, raymond came over after taking his car to the shop. we had sushi at a restaurant in the same shopping plaza where bcd tofu house is located on saticoy and lindley called “sushi for you”. yellowtail sashimi totally melts in your mouth. we then went hiking at san vicente mountain park. it was sooo cold!

on saturday, the wong family went to forest lawn to visit the burial place of auntie esther mom’s parents. forest lawn houses this massive painting of the crucifixion. it was in a church and they have a showing every hour with a narrative of what is going on in the painting. we also saw a stained glass production of the last supper. i was surprised at how the narrations for both works were very blatantly gospel…pleasantly surprised =) for lunch, we went to hk kitchen (bleh), and for dinner, anson and i ate hot pot with my parents.

on sunday, we went to ccac. they’ve revamped their lights and it feels like a concert there now. tim lin was the guest speaker. for lunch, we ate with gavin, webber, cres, and raymond at pieology. i have discovered a new favorite. pieology is like a subway or chipotle version for pizza. you can customize your own personal pan pizza with whatever ingredients for only $7.95. it is medium sized, but i could only finish half. we then went to boba my tea where they have the cool fat cups (that probably hold the same amount as the older cups…and they’re less practical since they don’t fit in a car cup holder, but i like them nonetheless! for dinner, i ate yummy steamed fish with my parents, and wrote up my 29 predictions for next year and the highlights for the year of 2014 (which will be my next blog entry…enjoy!