Great America

I guess I am a theme park enthusiast 🙂 I guess I never thought that since I grew up in LA and went to Disney and Universal every once in a while. I got that annual pass for Universal once and went with Tracy, Gina, and some RBF gals one year, went to Disneyworld a couple years ago, Knott’s before the world shut down in 2020, and Disneyland with the hubby for Thanksgiving 2021. I believe I’ve gone three time before in my years in the Bay Area: once as a BWC event, once since it was the gift from Pure, and once from yelp for Winterfest…so I guess we never paid for them…until now 🙂

I spur of the moment bought an annual pass to Great America…I mean, it’s in the backyard of Santa Clara and only takes 10 mins to get there. It’s in the same brand as Knott’s so they have the characters from Snoopy in their shows and walking around. I also got the dining pass so that I can have 2 meals spaced 4 hours apart at certain restaurants. I have gone twice…once on 12/22 and once on 12/31. 12/22 had fewer people since it was raining on and off. I watched a bunch of shows and I loved seeing all the lights. 12/31 was much more crowded since it was New Year’s Eve, but I enjoyed the fireworks celebration. I got my meals both times. Went to Maggie’s 3 times and Panda Express once. They give you so little at Panda…grr. I like the food at Maggie’s, but I should try to venture out to the other restaurants around the park.

Why did I get this pass you ask? Why pay almost $200? Well, for one thing, I think it’ll pay for itself even from the food (besides Panda lol). I guess I also know that we will not be traveling as much this year, so the thrills on rollercoasters will get some of the antsy-ness out of my system. Besides the roller coasters, I also just thought that the production of the shows was pretty good and actually better handled than some of the new marvel shows at Disneyland. Now that I don’t have the Panera coffee subscription anymore, maybe this will be my new go-to place to hangout…just for the year. It’s sort of an experiment, and hope I can use this pass well.