Mon, 2/13/23, Day 8: Conveyor Belt Sushi and Fushimi Inari Taisha

Since we are visiting Japan during the winter time, a thing we have to be mindful of is rain/snow. Thankfully, the only day that it rained a good amount has been on our travel day from Tokyo to Kyoto. I have been constantly checking the weather report. It rained a little in the morning, but it “should” be clear the rest of the day. 

In the morning, we did some much needed laundry (300 yen for washing and 100 yen for drying). I bought 3 onigiris, a sandwich, and natto (yes, I’m a fan!) from Lawson. We had our leftover onigiris and some veggies for breakfast (we wanted to fill up a little so that we didn’t spend too much) before having brunch at Sushi No Musashi at 10:45am. This was our first experience at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The plates are different colors which indicate the price. Blue with white centers were 160 yen and red with white centers were 257 yen. There were others, but those were too rich for our tastes 🙂 We had 17 plates (14 blue and 3 red) which totaled to 3020 yen (~$23). This is soooo much cheaper than in the states where the cheapest plate is $3.50!

We stayed at the hotel for a few hours. I took advantage of the free coffee at reception while catching up on 2.5 days of blogging. We then headed out on the Nara line to Fushimi Inari and got there around 4pm. We wanted to avoid the crowds and do a night hike…though there were still a good amount of people there. The place was beautiful with the 1000 orange torii leading up to the top. The loop was 2.8 miles, and we of course wanted to complete the whole thing, though I think we made a detour into a residential area where I finally got a drink (Sparkling Peach drink for 100 yen) from the countless vending machines all over Japan. We decided to walk back to the hotel and were able to catch a glimpse of the local areas of Kyoto. We got groceries (they actually accepted card) at KOHYO, and headed back to the hotel. I found out that I got a blister on my right pinky toe =/ tomorrow is gonna be fun…

Cost: Laundry 400 yen, Lawson 1231 yen, Conveyer belt sushi 3020 yen, vending machine drink 100 yen, KOHYO groceries 1034 yen = 5785 yen (~$44.16)

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