Sun, 2/12/23, Day 7: Nara

I splurged a little at FamilyMart and Lawson 🙂 We left around 11:30am and took the JR Nara line for 45-50 mins to Nara. We passed by a few temples along the way, but the highlight of course were all the deer that roam around. You can buy deer cookies for 200 yen to feed them. The deer near the front don’t really care for the cookies, but the further in we went, the more the deer responded to them. I am so glad I bought the cookies 🙂 I found out that I should probably break them apart and feed them slowly. I even got them to feed out of my hand. They are honestly such gentle creatures. Some people had warned us that they could be aggressive, but I didn’t really see it. When l showed them my hands indicating that I had no more food, they left me alone. This was honestly such a fun experience!

We then hiked up to Mt. Wakakusa where we had a great view of the city. We went to the busy district and bought some freshly made takoyaki: 8 for 400 yen! It was nice to eat something hot after a long cold day. We then got back on the train, headed towards Fushimi Inari for a night hike. The Nara line we took was a rapid line that wasn’t going to make a stop there, so we would have to get off at Uji and take the local Nara line. We then decided to not go when we saw that tomorrow wasn’t going to rain at night, and the place was pretty close to Kyoto. My legs were already so tired, and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy such an iconic place even if we went. Instead, we got back to Kyoto and bought actual vegetables at a supermarket (cash only). We got lettuce, oranges, tomatoes, and a cucumber, and we ate the rest of our convenience store food in the comfort of our cozy (coughcrampedcough) hotel.

Side note: 1. It is considered rude to eat while walking. Usually, people will find a place to sit. If it is near a stall, it’s okay to stand near there to eat 2. It is hard to find trash cans anywhere in the public areas of Japan. We only found one after entering the train station.

Cost: Lawson and FamilyMart 2861 yen, Deer cookies 200 yen, Takoyaki 400 yen, Groceries 879 yen = 4340 yen (~$33.20)

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